Pets are a part of the family so why not include them in your wedding ceremony.

A you are having two legged guests why not have 4 legged or yes even more legs.

Your dog, cat, horse or any pet can join in the celebrations as part of the bridal party or just as a guest.

There are numerous outfits, collars, hats, headpieces available to dress them up so they look smart.

It is a good idea to ask one of the guests or bridal party to care for them, just so they don’t disrupt the ceremony itself.

Having your pet with you is a great photo memory and can be included in all wedding photos.

Having them attend the reception is fine as long as the venue agrees. This is a definite MUST confirm prior to booking if you want to include your 2 or 4 legged friend.

Obviously, if you are having a backyard reception it is much easier for your pets to be there.

If your animal is very excitable maybe a few trial runs or obedience classes will help to keep them calm.

Ways to include your pet, but you may have to improvise if not a dog:

  • Use your dog as the ring bearer by tying the rings to a ribbon worn around the dog’s neck.
  • Your pet could carry a sign to indicate the bride has arrived.
  • If an older pet that just likes to lay then you can still include by putting a sign that says “Drinks this way – and an arrow”, or similar.

MUST HAVES on hand if having any pet at a wedding:

  • Fresh water and water bowl and in a place you pet can get to
  • Pick up poop bags
  • Bed, for the reception, if it is a late night and an older pet then they will definitely be wanting a bed before you do

Remember that if it is a beach venue your dog may get distracted easily by seagulls or the water itself, so ensure it has enough practice to know what to do on the big day and can ignore these distractions.

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