Well today marks 43 years of married love and laughter for Sally and Stan, the owners or Classic Jags in Adelaide.

We all know that Classic Jags have been supplied to thousands of happy couples throughout the years in Adelaide, but one special Jag, a 1950 MKV Jaguar Sedan with gorgeous gold interior was used on the day for Sally and Stans wedding….and that vehicle is still involved in weddings and special occasions today.

We always believe that when something is made with love and care it can bring nothing but joy and pleasure and special memories to those around, and this can be said of the marriage of Sally and Stan and the beautiful Jags they call family.

On a personal note, we here at Wedding Suppliers SA are also Jag people and have a special place in our heart and carports for the Jag, and it is so nice to be able to chat with Sally about her cars and the pleasure they bring, there is no feeling like it.

Sending love and best wishes to Sally and Stan on your 43rd Wedding Anniversary, have a great day xxx Deb, Pete, Bazil.

We usually see Stan at expos so it is nice to see Sally, what a lovely bride.

The couple after the ceremony.

The mandatory, cutting of the cake.

And the beautiful Jag still in use 43 years later. Georgeous.