How did AWG start?

What started with an enquiry, grew into a business.

The owners of AWG wanted to list one of their businesses in an online directory and were surprised by the additional fees some directories charged for a listing, including set up fee and there was no ongoing promotion etc.

So what do you do when you don’t like what is being offered?  You start your own directory and do it your way.

Hence, Australia’s Wedding Guide was born in 2018, then after receiving wonderful reviews and feedback from clients and couples, more followed:

In December 2020, AWG became a landing page which makes it easier for couples to find what they are looking for… just click on the state and everything is there for you.


Well you will find an extremely determined couple who have been workaholics for years and love what they do, both have an extensive background in business and have been, and are, involved in a wide range of businesses which include:

  • Wedding related businesses (obviously)
  • Property Management & Development
  • Electronic Design, Manufacture & Development, focusing on medical and sports science electronics.
  • Peter is the brains, creator, designer and manufacturer of high end sporting equipment which is used worldwide by organisations such as Cricket Australia, various UK Rugby and Soccer codes as well as the majority of Australian Football teams and USA sporting teams. Distributed worldwide and proudly Australian.

Both Debra and Peter love what they do and it shows.  They have assisted a number of businesses to grow and improve within their given field (not just wedding related) …just because they can.

Being animal lovers, they adopted a retired greyhound in 2019 and Bazil is now a fixture at all staff meetings and gives great input along with cuddles.

The one thing they want more than anything is to assist people where they can, and that includes affordable advertising.