Congratulations, you have been asked to be a bridesmaid. You are obviously highly thought of as a friend or
family member to be offered this position.

There is a difference in being asked to be a Maid or Matron of Honour (Head bridesmaid and a bridesmaid).

Usually a best friend or close relative will be Maid or Matron of Honour and will be responsible for organising transportation of the brides dress, helping the mother of the bride. Usually they are also a witness on the marriage certificate.

Bridesmaids do not have to be just females if the future bride has a best male friend then he can be included,
let’s call him a “manmaid”…sounds good to me.

Some bridesmaids do a lot and some future brides prefer to organise everything and just have the bridesmaids on her big day for support and a major part of the wedding.

At some stage you will sit down with the future bride and work out what she would like you to do, this could
include (but not limited to) any of the following:

  • Help out with general planning of the wedding as requested, from helping with a seating chart to
    assisting choosing caterers etc. It is all up to the future bride how involved you will be.
  • You will definitely be involved in planning the pre wedding celebrations and hen’s night. A girl has
    to have fun during all the madness.
  • You will find out before anyone what the theme of the wedding will be, style of dress, décor etc. All
    of this is top secret so keep it to yourself in order to not spoil the big day.
  • You need to be organised at all times and support, support, support your friend. This may just mean
    being there to listen and lend a supportive shoulder.
  • On the actual wedding day you need to assist (if required) in helping the future bride make sure
    everything is in place and she has all she requires.
  • Always keep a little sewing kit handy just in case there is a final stitch required.

Weddings are very special and you have been privileged to be included in this special day when a couple
start their lives together.

Usually a small gift is given by the bride and groom in appreciation of what the bridesmaids have done, this
occurs after the wedding or at a gathering soon after the wedding, but is at the discretion of the bride and
groom. A sincere thank you is quite often all you require.

On the wedding day the bride may realise all at once the sense of how much has been arranged and how
important this day and the bridesmaids are to her and it can be quite emotional. So make sure to carry a
handkerchief and be supportive to your friend.

You shall both remember the day in years to come when you are having a cup of coffee, you will laugh, cry
and reminisce.

Though there are no definite rules to being a bridesmaid, just be the best friend you can be and you will have
done a great job. Be there as a sounding board and rock and you will have done a great job.

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